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Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment 2012


In response to increasing demand for more accurate and up-to-date wildfire risk information across the state, the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) established the 2012 Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Project (Colorado WRA 2012). The goal of the project is to provide a consistent, comparable set of scientific results to be used as a foundation for wildfire mitigation and prevention planning in Colorado. The results were completed in December 2012. The CSFS developed the Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (CO-WRAP) in order to deliver the information quickly and seamlessly to stakeholders. Through CO-WRAP, the CSFS is creating awareness among the public and providing state and local government planners with information to support mitigation and prevention efforts.

Results of the assessment can be used to help prioritize areas in the state where tactical analyses, community interaction and education, or mitigation treatments might be necessary to reduce wildfire risk. In addition, the information provided in the assessment can be used to support the following priorities:

  • Identify areas that may require additional tactical planning, specifically related to mitigation projects and Community Wildfire Protection Planning
  • Provide the information necessary to justify resource, budget and funding requests
  • Allow agencies to work together to better define priorities and improve emergency response, particularly across jurisdictional boundaries
  • Increase communication with local residents and the public to address community priorities and needs
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Plan for response and suppression resource needs
  • Plan and prioritize hazardous fuel treatment programs

With the successful completion of the 2012 Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment project, the CSFS continues to be a national leader in wildland fire management. This latest assessment builds upon and calibrates the West Wide Wildfire Risk Assessment (WWA) results. The WWA was completed in Fall 2012 and provides baseline risk assessment results for the 17 western states and Pacific Islands. Colorado has enhanced the results to reflect priorities and data distributions only within Colorado to better meet Colorado planning requirements.

Project Participants

CSFS would like to thank the following agencies for participating and helping to make the Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Project a success.